What is Cataract?

Cataract is a condition where the natural human lens becomes “cloudy” this results in blurred vision. Intraocular lens (IOL) is designed to replace cataract in the same lens bag. Intraocular lenses bend light to a focal point on the retina and create a clear image.

Although most IOL’s provide good vision, image quality is not always perfect, hallows, glares and reduced contrasts occur due to aberrations. spherical aberrations occur when light entering the eye at the periphery of the cornea is bend too much and does not focus on the retina.

We at Roshan Eye Care use AcrySof IQ IOL’s to correct spherical aberrations. The back surfaces of this mono-focal IOL is shaped flat so that rays from center or periphery meet only at one focal point, providing a perfect image with less scattering of light and fewer hallows and glares, thus our patients experience clear and sharp images equally well at daytime and night time.

Mono-focal IOL’s allow focus on one distance, near or far, so glasses are the need for near work.

Multifocal IOL’s are designed to allow vision for distance (like driving), near like reading or intermediate work like computer work and a high chance of freedom from glasses.

Important: In our hospital, 85% of people who got an AcrySof ReSTOR multifocal IOL never bought a glass after surgery.
However, people with abnormal eyes, high refractive errors or some retinal diseases or glaucoma should not expect near perfect results. Soon after surgery, many people will experience glare or rings around light while driving at night, which will gradually fade-off with time. 
All currently available IOL’s filter UV light, but IOL’s that we implant in our hospital also filters blue light and protects your eyes from UV and blue light. Thus the IOL’s have a transparent yellow color to filter the blue light, not block blue light. This is a winning combination.

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