Green hospital with over 99.99% success rate in cataract surgery.

We're equipped with advanced technologies to protect your eyes.

Our in-store optical showroom showcases a wide range of options.

Advanced machineries to improve diagnosis.

Powered by technology, attention to detail is highly important for us.

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NABH Accredited

Accredited by NABH for eye care standard.

Bureau Veritas Platinum Rating

Certified by Bureau Veritas for Green & Clean hospital standard.

Since 2001

Over 1,00,000+ happy patients within a two decade timespan.

Since 2001

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Routine Eye Checkup

Why should I do a Routine Eye Checkup regularly? Many of the eye diseases are…


What is Diabetic Retinopathy? The central portion of the retina directly opposite the lens is called…


What is Keratoconus? Keratoconus is a bilateral, noninflammatory degeneration, an axial ecstatic condition of the cornea. ie.…


What is Glaucoma? 80% of the Glaucoma cases can be treated medically. Surgery is considered…

Dry Eyes

What is Tears? Tears are one of the body’s natural defence mechanisms. They are produced…


What is Cataract? A cataract is a condition where the natural human lens becomes “cloudy”…



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Roshan Eye Care is committed to providing prompt and specialized care using the best of technology and skills, cost-effectively.

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